This agreement made and entered into between PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT INC. and ___________________________________________  Hereinafter referred to as "RENTER".
Whereas, Production Equipment Inc. is engaged in the business of renting and selling commercial motion picture equipment and;
Whereas, renter hereby desires to rent the equipment indicated on the equipment list attached hereto and by reference made part hereof upon the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth.

Now, therefore, for and in consideration of the mutual promises and covenants between the parties, it is agreed as follows:  Renter must provide valid business liability insurance certificate in addition to an insurance certificate(accord) on all rentals for LOSS, THEFT, and/or DAMAGE.  
Production Equipment Inc. shall be named LOSS PAYEE and ADDITIONAL INSURED for   $________________.  Coverage shall begin on or before______________ and end no sooner than________________________  or as to cover equipment from the time it leaves the office of Production Equipment Inc. until it returns.

Renter has/will be/ given the opportunity to inspect all rental equipment and with this agreement found such equipment to be in good operating condition. Renter operates all rental equipment at their sole risk and liability.  In the event of destruction, loss, or damage of rental equipment, renter shall immediately replace such equipment with equipment of the same type and quality of pay to Production Equipment Inc. the replacement value of such equipment as determined by Production Equipment Inc.

Renter agrees to operate rental equipment in a manner consistent with its design and within safe operating tolerances. Damaged equipment must be returned to Production Equipment Inc. for repair or restoration.  Renter agrees to pay for all costs including down time to return such equipment to original condition as determined solely by Production Equipment Inc.

Rental equipment may be picked up at the offices of Production Equipment Inc. after 3:00 PM

Renter with no prior billing status will pay with cash or check on delivery or pickup of rental equipment.  Once renter has established a credit history with Production Equipment Inc., bills will be due net 30 with a 2% per month late fee for overdue invoices

All rental equipment rates are based on a 24 hour day.  There are no divisions within days.  Weekly rates vary according to types of equipment.  Renter will pay all state and local taxes on equipment rented or provide Production Equipment Inc. with a New York State Re-sale certificate.

All conditions within this agreement are binding regardless if Production Equipment Inc. is supplying labor to the renter or not.

Persons signing below will be considered as qualified agent acting on behalf of the renter.

A personal guarantee may be required to complete this contract in which case all prior terms and conditions in this contract will be binding upon the renter as a corporation and the renter as an individual.


_________________________________________    ___________________   _____________

            Name                                                                       Date

I do hereby signing below personally guarantee that the above terms and agreement will be upheld.

_________________________________________   ___________________________________

Signature                                 Name                        Date

We require a signed rental contract AND proof of valid insurance covering any loss and or damage to our equipment as well as a liability policy covering the production.  Under certain circumstances we may require additional information such as government ID and deposits prior to equipment leaving our premises.  We reserve the right to deny any rentals based on failure to provide the proper documents.  Our rental contract is found below.



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