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Regent Street Films

​​Camera               Accessories

Camera Support

Sachtler Video 18P 100mm with dual stage carbon fiber legs            $50.00 per day

Sachtler Video 20P 100mm with dual stage HD carbon fiber legs      $100.00 per day

Sachtler Cine 30 150mm with HD carbon fiber legs                        $150.00 per day

E-Z rig 300  with Serene arm                                                      $150.00 per day

100mm Hi Hat                                                                          $40.00 per day

150mm Hi Hat                                                                          $40.00 per day

Lightweight PipeDolly System                                                    $125.00 per day

Comes with 8” pipe track and sliding hi hat (does not include tripod head)​​

MoveCam single channel wireless follow focus system                    $75.00 per day

Tilta 2 channel F I or Z wireless follow focus system                                $100.00 per day 

with hand unit and 2 handgrips

Monitoring and Misc.

phone 518-858-1329

Camera Accessories

​​17" Panasonic HD field monitor                                              $50.00 per day

Wireless Directors Monitor System                                       $100.00 per day

Interapromtor                                                                   $100.00 per day

Light Kit                                                                       $300.00 per day
Includes 1 Zylight 8" Fresnel high output LED, 1 Wescott 2' X 2' LED Light panel,  2 Wescott 10" x 10" LED light panels, 1 8" Lightpanel, medium Chimera soft box, stands, cords, rigging, gels, etc.

DIT Kit                                                                              $100.00 per day
Includes Apple 15 Retina display Laptop with Thunderbolt andUSB 3 ports, 2 500 Gig USB3 portable drives, Panasonic 17” HDSDI Monitor

Red Rocket card                                                            $150.00 per day
Red Rocket acceleration card installed in Sonnet Thunderbolt enclosure.  Includes Thunderbolt cable and power cable

DIT Support