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Camera               Packages


  $350.00 Body only
  $550.00 With set of 6 Canon mount primes
  $600.00 With set of 3 Canon mount zooms

Magnesium body 4.5K Dragon sensor with fixed Canon CNE mount recording in raw .r3d, Prores , or both simultaneously 

Capable of capturing footage with REDCODE® RAW in 4.5K Full Frame (FF) at up to 120 fps, or in 2K FF at 240 fps, RED RAVEN is built to shoot exceptionally high-speed, high resolution content. Boasting RED’s incredible dynamic range, ultra-clean detail, and renowned color science—RED RAVEN gives you best-in-class image quality.

Package includes: 2 batteries with charger/power supply, 1 120GB SSD, V-lock Module, onboard 4.5” RED touch screen LCD, all related cables